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Turn those rent payments into equity in your own home — something you can build a financial future on. We offer different mortgage options for different needs, as well as competitive, low rates. Our in-house lenders will work to make sure you get into the home of your dreams without all the hassles. Applying is easy!

Whether you are buying, building or refinancing your home, there is no doubt that you will have questions. Fortunately, Inspire is here to help. Our mortgage professional is available to answer all of your questions regarding your mortgage options.
Contact our mortgage professional today via email*, or by calling 267.226.0295. You can also complete our short application and a mortgage representative will contact you directly.

FHA Loans

An ideal option for first time home buyers with minimal money for a down payment by extending credit if you do not qualify for a conventional mortgage. With this option, you can use gift money* and the seller will usually be responsible for paying closing costs, which can total thousands of dollars.

Conventional Fixed Rate

This is a basic mortgage with a fixed rate with options of 15 to 30 year terms, giving you the security of keeping one consistent interest rate for the term of the loan. The only time your payment could change would be adjustments for property tax or insurance premium. With this option, you may also use gift money* and pay as little as 3% for the total price of the home for your down payment.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

The terms of this mortgage are similar to the conventional fixed rate, except that your payment will increase or decrease as rates adjust throughout the term of your loan. This is an ideal option to take advantage of low interest rates now, if you do not plan on keeping your home for more than a few years.

VA Loans

This is a fixed rate mortgage available to eligible service members. The loan is backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and comes with the option for 100% financing, meaning no down payment.

Choose the mortgage that’s right for you, then get started by contacting our mortgage professional by email* or calling directly at 267.226.0295.

*Electronic mail is not secure, and confidential or personal information should not be communicated in this manner. Never send personal information such as account # or social security # via email.


Q: What is gift money?

A: Any money you receive from family or friends as a gift meaning not in exchange for any goods or services.


Q: What is a short sale versus a foreclosure?

A: A short sale is when a borrower is unable to make mortgage payments, owes more than the home is currently worth and the lender agrees. In a short sale the homeowner is the party selling the house. A foreclosure is when the borrower defaults on payments and the house is for sale directly from the lender. Foreclosures are usually put up for auction.

 Buying a short sale or foreclosure can often get you more house for your money, but usually are sold “as is” meaning you won’t be able to negotiate home improvements. An inspection will help identify risk areas for any home you are looking to purchase.

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