Business Lending Services

Inspire is dedicated to provide the best business lending solutions with competitive rates and flexible terms. Keep your business on the path to success – and ready to grab a hold of new opportunities as they arise. Financing options from Inspire FCU give you options for alternative capital to help grow your business.

To get started, contact our Business Services team at 215.788.5270 x308 or click here to email our Business Services team.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Location, Location, Location. That’s the key when it comes to real estate. Finding the appropriate space for your business, whether you are expanding or moving into your first space, can be challenging enough. Let Inspire take a load off and do the work for to provide you the funding needed to make your investment.   .

Vehicle and Equipment Loans

Company-issued vehicles offer opportunities for later tax-write offs, and reduces wear and tear on employee cars. Inspire is here to help get you and your team behind the wheel of your company vehicles

In addition to vehicle loans, you can secure funding for equipment needed to run your business. Whether it's agriculture, software, or manufacturing, we offer attentive service and solutions across most industries and customized to your needs. Not all businesses are equal, and yours may require specific equipment to operate effectively. Inspire is your partner to secure the equipment your business needs.

Working Capital Loans

Small businesses are the foundation of our community.  A small business loan may be needed for start-up and other other operating expenses. Inspire is committed to helping your small business grow and secure the capital needed to move ahead.