Newtown HQ

Our New Corporate Headquarters


3 Friends Lane, Newtown, Pa. 18940

We're excited to announce that our new headquarters in Newtown, Pa. are nearly complete! The loyalty of our members has allowed us to experience steady growth over the past few years, so we are now able to expand into a larger, more modern office space. Our new headquarters will provide another full-service location to better serve your needs!

Come celebrate our grand opening with us! Click here to see Grand Opening event details. For more information on this new location, read the Press Release.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Will I need to change anything with my account?
    A: No. Your account information will not be impacted in any way.

  2. Q: Will I need to change my direct deposit or bill payments?
    A: Your direct deposit will not need to be changed since your account information is not being changed.

  3. Q: Will I need to change my bill payments?
    A: If you have bill payments coming from another financial institution to a loan at Inspire FCU you will need to change the payment address to 3 Friends Lane, Newtown, Pa. 18940. If you have a bill payment leaving your Inspire FCU checking to another institution, you will not need to change any details.

  4. Q: Will you be closing any of your other branches?
    A: Absolutely not. Our Bristol and Langhorne branches will remain open for your convenience. PLUS, we will be adding a third branch that will be connected to our corporate office at 3 Friends Lane, Newtown, Pa. 18940.

  5. Q: If I send mail to the Bristol office will it be processed?
    A: Mail will be forwarded to our new corporate office for a short period of time. However, we encourage you to update your records immediately to send all mail to 3 Friends Lane, Newtown, Pa. 18940.

  6. Q: Will the phone number to the Credit Union change?
    A: No. We will keep the same phone number you've always reached us at - 215.788.5270.

  7. Q: Will the website to the Credit Union change?
    A: No. The Inspire FCU website will still be

  8. Q: Will branch hours be changed at all?
    A: The hours at our Bristol location will remain the same. Please visit our locations and hours page for a full list of our branch hours.