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About Inspire


What is a credit union? Why join a community credit union instead of a bank? When you become a credit union member, you're really joining a financial cooperative. Together, you and your fellow members pool your savings in order to offer loans, savings dividends and financial services to other members. Unlike banks, where profits are paid to stockholders, your community credit union's "profits" are returned to you and fellow members in the form of better rates, lower fees and superior service. You’ll be proud to say, “That’s my credit union.”


Not only does Inspire Federal Credit Union serve the entire Bucks County community, but for the past 75+ years, we have been proud to also serve the school districts of Bucks County. We will never forget our original namesake, “Bucks County Teachers Federal Credit Union” and “Bucks County Schools Federal Credit Union,” because school employees are who made us what we are today.  We pride ourselves on still being the number one resource for Bucks County school district employees to turn to in times of financial need, and continue to grow trusted relationships within the Bucks County school district communities of Bensalem, Bristol Borough, Bristol Township, Centennial, Central Bucks, Council Rock, Morrisville, Neshaminy, New Hope/Solebury, Palisades, Pennsbury, Pennridge and Quakertown.


Continuously looking for ways to help our local community, every year Inspire Federal Credit Union helps in the battle against identity theft, credit card fraud and the piles of personal documents people need to destroy. We have enlisted the services of Titan Mobile Shredding, a private, bonded and NAID AAA Certified company that specializes in destroying records, to provide shredding trucks for credit union and community members who have confidential documents to destroy.


Shredder Day Extravaganza
Saturday, September 20, 2014 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Oxford Valley Mall, 2300 E. Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne Pa 19047


  • Will you be there even if it rains?
    Yes, this is a rain or shine event.
  • Is there a limit on how much can be shredded?
    We ask that you limit the amount of material to the equivalent of three (3) medium sized boxes to keep things running quickly and smoothly.
  • Do I need to remove staples?
    You do not need to remove staples or paper clips. The shredder will be able to handle those with ease.
  • What type of container do I need to use for my items to be shredded?
    You can use any container from plastic bags to boxes, etc. Whatever type container is easiest to transport from your home to your vehicle to get the items to the event.
  • May I have my container back?
    Yes, we return all containers (bags, boxes, etc) to you after your material has been placed in the shred bin.
  • Do I need to bring my own hand truck?
    No. You will be able to pull your car directly up to where the shred trucks are located and our specialists will empty your containers into the bins.


Inspire FCU is dedicated to our members and our community. We understand that being an important part of our community means giving back, thus, we are dedicated to supporting and helping local organizations.

To be considered for a donation request, please fill out the form below in its entirety and follow directions for returning to the Credit Union.

<Community Organization Donation Request Form>


As a cooperative financial institution, Inspire Federal Credit Union has been serving the financial needs of Bucks County residents since 1936 and continues to stand by the Credit Union philosophy of “members helping members”.

At Inspire Federal Credit Union, people come first. Our members and their families are our most important resource. We will continue to offer the best possible financial products and services, plus the personal, confidential and courteous service you deserve – just as we have for the past 75+ years.

Take a look back and see exactly how and where Inspire Federal Credit Union began…

1936 – Bucks County Teachers Federal Credit Union

During the great depression a small group of Bucks County teachers came together and pooled their resources in order to help one another through tough economic times. The first location for Bucks County Teachers FCU was in the basement of one of the Credit Union’s founding fathers, Mr. Ben Watson’s home on Bath Road in Bristol. Throughout the years members recount making deposits by going down the basement stairs amongst shower curtains for walls and a collection of homing pigeons – truly small financial cooperative of its time.

1990 – Bucks County Teachers FCU Moves into New Building

After growing tremendously and operating from a neighboring home for 54 years, then $14 million Bucks County Teachers FCU moved into the building at 2104 Bath Road, directly next door to its founding location, maintaining a staff of only three (3) individuals.

1997 – Bucks County Schools Federal Credit Union

After 7 years of operating a new facility, expanding the new location and becoming a cash operating branch in 1994, Bucks County Teachers FCU officially changed its name to Bucks County Schools Federal Credit Union in order to reflect its full field of membership and to send the message that all employees of Bucks County school districts were eligible to join.

2002 - Bucks County Schools FCU Opens Second Branch

Growing steadily for over 65 years, Bucks County Schools FCU opened its second branch in Warrington and is now able to serve many more of its members throughout the county.

2004 – Membership opens to all of Bucks County

In an effort to better serve our members and the community, Bucks County Schools FCU Board of Directors elected to expand our then $68 million credit union’s field of membership to also include anyone who lives, worships, or attends school in Bucks County. With this change Bucks County Schools FCU now has the ability to better serve our members and provide access to a credit union for those who may not have otherwise been able to join.

2004 – Bucks First Federal Credit Union

As the “first” community credit union to serve Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bucks County Schools Federal Credit Union officially changed its name to Bucks First Federal Credit Union to reflect its new community charter status.

Inspire Federal Credit Union Today

Today, Inspire FCU is over 13,000 members strong with assets in excess of $85 million. Inspire FCU, which was the idea of a handful of teachers, has surely benefited thousands of school district employees, their families everyone throughout Bucks County. Over the years, Inspire has grown and changed with the times, but we have always remained true to our people helping people roots and our not-for-profit status, ensuring all members get the best value for their membership.

Chairperson Chichi Ahia
Vice Chairperson John Chaump
Treasurer Melissa Boyce
Secretary Jaclyn Seitz
Director  Vincent Magyar
Director Janet Keyser
Director Larry Reddick
Chairperson Diane Knights
Member Biaggina Haas
Member Sally Haywood
Member Mary Notwick
Member Joanne Ranson
President/CEO Jim Merrill
Executive Vice President Kevin Unger
Vice President of Lending Tracy Holowchak
Vice President of Member Services Robin Hoeckele
Vice President of Marketing Hilary Reed
Bristol Branch Manager Shahina Farhat

Over the past several years we've informed our members about legislative issues that would negatively impact Inspire FCU and our ability to serve you. This time, the issue is federal tax code reform. The House Ways and Means Committee is basically starting from scratch, and all exemptions are getting a new look, including the one that's been in place since the 1930s that exempts credit unions from paying federal corporate taxes. 

Preserving this exemption is crucial for you, your credit union and credit unions around the country.

We hope that after learning more about this issue, you will understand why protecting the exemption is in your best interest. Ultimately, we need you to tell Washington "No" to CU taxation.

Taxing Your Money Twice Isn't Fair

We support the idea of all taxpayers paying their fair share. The CU taxation issue, however, is not fair. As a member-owner of this credit union, the credit union's money is your money, which you've already been taxed on. If Inspire FCU gets taxed, your money is getting taxed twice

Reasons For The Exemption Haven't Changed
As a member, you know that Inspire FCU is a financial cooperative, which means it is owned and directed by you and is non-profit. Unlike banks that maximize profits for a small group of investors, credit unions exist to serve their members. We do that by returning benefits to our members in the form of low or no fee products and services, and lower Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) on loans. It was because of our structure and dedication to our members that credit unions were granted the tax exemption in 1934 and neither of those things has changed over the past 79 years.

How You Can Help

"Don't Tax My Credit Union" is a national campaign dedicated to ensuring Congress doesn't raise taxes on credit union members nationwide and preserves financial choice for consumers. Join us today and tell Congress: Don't Tax My Credit Union! Getting involved is easy.
Simply click here share your story with your legislator.


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Inspire FCU Employee Benefits

Career Opportunities

Check back often to see our new positions as we grow!!

All Credit Union positions require the following:

  • Ability to consistently meet attendance requirements
  • Intermediate mathematical skills (calculations and concepts involving
    decimals, percentages, fractions, etc)
  • Good credit history
  • Bondability

The following positions are currently available at our Credit Union.  Qualified applicants are encouraged to email their resume and salary requirements (Word format) to or to come in to the Credit Union and complete an application.


If your qualifications meet our requirements, we will contact you.


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